The Wild Boar Hotel, formerly known as Beeston Towers, was built in 1886 for John Naylor, a timber merchant from Warrington.

The site chosen for their luxury country house was between Beeston Auction Centre and Bunbury, at the top of the hill above their work sheds, from which could be seen the remains of Beeston Castle.

The Naylor Brothers, John and Robert, are noteworthy for completing the first recorded walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats in 1871, taking nine weeks to complete the journey. The original building has been surrounded with additional extensions over the years, but the splendour of the past still remains. The centre section was the first to be erected and consisted of a number of rooms with a small Ballroom on the second floor looking out over the Cheshire plain.


Some of the many interesting features of the building include a number of Gargoyles which still ward off Evil Spirits today, as well as two wood carvings of the Brothers which depict how they saw each other, (these can be found opposite each other on pillars in the Penthouse).

As time passed by, it became evident that there would be no one to succeed in ownership and the building was put up for sale. It was bought by Mrs Gabb, a Headmistress and her husband, with the intention of converting the luxury house into a Boarding School for about 150 girls. Before this could happen additional extensions were required, these can be seen at either end of the building and a few out buildings were converted into stables for a riding school.

The Old School, which used to be the Ballroom, is now the Penthouse Suite and the popular


Brasserie Restaurant used to be the Headmistress private house. The lounge and Bar area were the pupils classrooms and dining room. The school is now based nearer Chester. The Old School was then bought by the Tylers, a local family who created a small restaurant, which was popular with local residents.

Many years later it was sold to a local businessman. Over the years, the Tower Restaurant had built up a solid reputation as one of Cheshire’s finest dining locations. The Brasserie restaurant continues to delight diners, now in more modern and luxourious surroundings.

During these years, further development took place, creating accommodation and from this small development The Wild Boar Country House Hotel and Restaurant began to grow. In 1998 a luxurious accommodation block consisting of 37 bedrooms including three suites was built.